The Innovation Studio

The Innovation Studio is a bookable space for Leeds University Business School staff to escape the distractions of their everyday working environment, allowing them to focus their attention on the production of high-quality, distinctive and sustainable multimedia resources to complement their teaching.

The Studio is found in Charles Thackrah building, close to the main Business School building, and can be used in a multitude of ways – for video production, podcasting, recording screencasts, or running online lectures using Blackboard Collaborate Ultra.

Take a look around using the 360-degree tour below:

How do I book the Studio?

The Studio's primary use is for the production of multimedia resources to support student education at Leeds University Business School. Requesting to book the studio is simple, just follow three easy steps:

Check that the Studio is free on the date you require by reviewing the online calendar.
Check the calendar
Read the Innovation Studio policy which can be found at the bottom of this page.
Complete the online booking request form and allow 3 working days for us to respond.
Book the studio

What can I do in the Studio?

Video Production

In the staging area of the Studio we have a green screen, studio lighting, and excellent audiovisual recording hardware that will give your final resource distinction.

When recording video content in the Studio you will work with a Learning Technologist to ensure that the final resource meets your expectations and objectives – you will collaborate on a script that communicates your message clearly and succinctly – and on the day you will deliver that script to camera through a teleprompter, ensuring that you never break gaze from the viewer but still deliver an accurate message.

On the day you will be made to feel comfortable in the studio, we have experience of getting the best out of the academics we work with, and will always ensure you are happy with the final product you receive.


One of the first questions a colleague will be asked by us when they request to record a video will be, “does it need to be a video?“, and it is often the case that there is no visual supporting material required to convey a message.

When this is the case we will always advise colleagues to produce a podcast – it is quicker to plan, less labour intensive to produce, and it is often the case that the production process is much more relaxed and natural. It also gives students the opportunity to consume the content flexibly, for example whilst walking to campus or to work.

We have worked with academic colleagues to produce excellent podcasts do not distract students from your ideas and explanation with unnecessary visual content – we have also worked with academics and students to produce fantastic testimonials about group study, work placements and many more topics.

In the Studio we have a small meeting table, comfortable chairs and radio-style boom-microphones. We will make you and your interviewee(s) feel comfortable in an environment that is conducive to discussion and discovery and help to ensure your final resource is deployed securely and successfully.

Screen Recordings and Online Lectures

We can also help you independently produce screen recordings and deliver online learning via Collaborate Ultra in Minerva.

The Studio has a high-powered PC with dual-screen set up, for use with the institutional Mediasite Desktop Recorder software, on which you can record screencasts, slideshows with either/both audio / video elements. You can use this same set up to deliver online learning sessions.

We have a high-quality USB microphone available to use with either platform, and quality speakers to listen back and critique the work you produce. The Studio has internal curtaining to soften acoustic reflections in the room, ensuring that the key focus of students won’t be the church-hall-like reverb on your resulting resource, but that it will be your voice and explanations.

The Innovation Studio is managed by the Enhancement and Innovation team – and projects are all subject to approval by the Enhancement and Innovation Manager. The reason for this is that the Studio is only a part of the Learning Technologist role, and as such any project undertaken in the Studio has to be carefully considered to ensure it meets the aims and objectives of the team and is able to be resourced.

Please read on to find out how to book the Innovation Studio, and to read the Studio Policy.

Booking the Innovation Studio

Step-by-Step Guide

  1. Check the availability of the Studio by reviewing the calendar which is published online – check the availability of the Studio now (opens in a new tab).
  2. Review the Studio Policy document.
  3. Complete the online request form, giving us no less than two working days in which to acknowledge your request – complete the online request form now (opens in a new tab, and may require you to sign-in using your University username and password).

Quick Link - Booking Form

View the booking form using the link below, please bear in mind that you will be asked to confirm that you have read and understood the booking procedure and studio policy, this includes ensuring that you have checked that the studio is available prior to making your booking request.

Open the Innovation Studio booking request form (opens in a new tab)

The Innovation Studio Policy

I. General Usage

  • Priority use of the Leeds University Business School [LUBS] Innovation Studio [referred to hereafter as “The Studio”] is given to activity relating to and/or directly impacting Student Education at LUBS.
  • The purpose of The Studio is to allow staff the space to create their own digital learning resources, or to run online teaching using the institutional platform Blackboard Collaborate. Any secondary use should be agreed in advance with the Business School Enhancement and Innovation Manager or delegated representative.
  • Where there is availability, and only where agreed in advance with the Business School Enhancement and Innovation Manager or delegated representative, other University Departments may use The Studio.  However, these users may not access support via the LUBS Enhancement & Innovation Team other than what has been agreed in advance with the Enhancement and Innovation Manager.  Enquiries for usage by Non-LUBS staff should be sent to will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.
  • In booking the Innovation Studio staff agree to be asked to consider producing a case study detailing their use for the Enhancement and Innovation website.

II. Booking

  • Staff should consult the Innovation Studio online calendar [click here to view] (opens in a new tab) prior to completing the online booking form, to ensure they are requesting a time when The Studio is available. Bookings are made on a first-come-first-served basis, and existing arrangements will notbe adjusted to facilitate new requests.
  • Bookings should be requested using the dedicated online form (opens in a new tab)
  • Bookings should be made at least five working days in advance of the desired booking date to allow for the planning of adequate resource. Requests will be responded to within two working days.
  • Requests to use the Studio with less than five working days-notice should be made directly by telephone [30194], and will only be agreed where The Studio is available, and where adequate resource is available dependent on the level of support required by the staff member making the request.
  • The Studio may be used on week days between 8am and 6pm. Usage outside this time must be agreed on a case-by-case basis with the Enhancement and Innovation Manager or delegated representative.

III. Responsible Use

  • Access to the Studio is via key, which can be collected from Enhancement and Innovation Office, or from a key-safe located outside the room. If the key-safe is used a single-use four-digit code will be provided in advance of the booking.
  • When booking the Innovation Studio you confirm that when you have completed your activity in the room you will pack away materials and make the room presentable, ensuring that it is ready for the next booking.
  • When booking the Innovation Studio, you confirm that you will ensure the door is locked at all times when you leave for comfort breaks.
  • When booking the Innovation Studio, you confirm that, at the end of your booking, you will ensure that all lights are switched off and that the door will be securely locked when you leave.
  • When booking the Innovation Studio, you agree that you will promptly return the Innovation Studio key to the Enhancement and Innovation Office. If you are asked to leave the key in the key safe, by booking the Innovation Studio you agree that you will leave the key in the safe and jumble the numbers to ensure its safe-keeping.
  • Users of the room must be mindful of the time it takes to save work, pack away materials and make the room presentable, and factor that into the time that their booking ends.
  • Non-alcoholic drinks stored in secure bottles / flasks are allowed in the studio, but we must ask that food is not consumed in the room; this is to protect the equipment that is in the room, the room itself, and to ensure the comfort of others who book the room. The Staff Room is located on the floor above the studio and we recommend using that space for taking a break and consuming food.
  • Users of the room are encouraged to take regular breaks, ensuring that the door is locked when they do so. The air conditioning in the room is slightly supressed to reduce the impact it has on audio recording in the room – as a result it can become warm in the Studio. A desk fan is provided for comfort, but we also recommend spending short breaks outside the room.
  • The Studio does not have a landline – and therefore staff must ensure that they have a mobile device with them should they need to make a telephone call. A telephone number for LUBS E&I Team, and the LUBS Reception Desk, will be clearly visible in The Studio.
  • In the event of equipment in The Studio breaking – staff should report the issue to LUBS E&I Team immediately.
  • Staff members should review the University of Leeds Library pages on Copyright [] prior to producing digital learning resources.Further enquiries can be made to the University Copyright Officer at
  • Staff members should not undertake any manual handling that may cause injury to themselves or others.  If further advice is required please contact the Enhancement and Innovation Team.

IV. Training

  • Staff should familiarise themselves with the appropriate training via ODPL in advance of their booking, to ensure they are familiar and confident in the use of technologies they require (such as Mediasite Desktop Recorder or Blackboard Collaborate)

V. Cancellations

  • Staff members should contact Enhancement & Innovation Team on x30194 where they wish to cancel a confirmed booking. Where they cannot telephone colleagues should flag a cancellation request as “High Importance” to