G.29, Collaborative Teaching Room

G.29 is a creative group-working space located on the same floor of the Charles Thackrah building as the Collaborative Teaching Suite and G.07. The room has been wonderfully designed to promote group focus and collaboration, and has a suite of innovative technologies to allow students to work flexibly and confidently with ease.

Six height-adjustable Clevertouch Pro touchscreen displays are mounted on the wall in front of flexible soft furniture, allowing the 36 students in the room to configure their space to suit the activity that they are undertaking.

Unique Functionality of the Room

This Collaborative Seminar Room is the first in the School to hold six Clevertouch Pro displays to facilitate student group work. The Clevertouch Pro’s run an Android operating system on which are a suite of applications that can support research and production – including a Lynx Pro digital whiteboard with paging and infinite canvas, and the ability for students to annotate over live multimedia and export those annotations directly to their devices.

Alongside this, students can use the free Clevershare application on their smartphone, tablet or laptop, to wirelessly mirror the screens of up to four devices simultaneously – thus facilitating a group research and production process. A wall mounted Control Panel allows the students to switch between the touchscreen display and the learning materials being shared by the Educator at the lectern.

The Educator can present content from the lectern to a large projector at the front, as well as ‘send’ their learning materials to all displays in the room – with the additional option of retracting the projector when they are sharing content to all the group tables. There are a number of ‘sources’ from which you can present your learning materials, including a Windows 10 PC at the lectern, an Apple TV for wireless mirroring of Apple devices, and the ability to use an external HDMI or VGA device (cables are supplied).

A touchscreen Control Panel at the lectern allows for intuitive control over the rooms systems, including the ability to monitor the activity on each screen in the room, and then send content from any screen to all other screens – thus giving your students the opportunity to share what they have produced during your timetabled session.

Download the Instructor Guide

The Instructor Guide to using G.29 is a comprehensive document that provides detailed insight into all aspects of using the space. It has been produced by the Enhancement and Innovation team for the benefit of all users of the room.

Booking G.29

The primary function of G.29 is for timetabled teaching activities at Leeds University Business School. The room is School-owned, and bookings can only be made for Business School modules by the Business School’s Timetabling team. However, if a collaborative teaching room is free it may be used for non-teaching activities; such as external engagement, research group meetings or focus groups.

For more information on how to book G.29 please refer to our page on how to book a collaborative teaching room.