G.05, Collaborative Teaching Suite

The Collaborative Teaching Suite is a beautifully designed flat-floored active learning space that is flooded with natural light, and boasts furniture and technology that is geared towards delivering an active and collaborative learning experience for up to 102 students.

The room is located in Charles Thackrah building, which is a short walk from the Business School’s main Maurice Keyworth building on the Western Campus. A centrally located lectern places the Educator at the heart of the learning experience, and gives them a range of options from which to display learning materials to each of the sixteen displays in the room.

Students sit at group pods and each pod has its own display providing students with equitable access to not only the resources being shared from the lectern – but also to the technology to be able to undertake group work. Each pod has a display, integrated PC with wireless keyboard and mouse, and the ability for students to mirror the screen of their own device and then switch between the two outputs.

Using the Collaborative Teaching Suite

Student Education in the Collaborative Teaching Suite

Since its opening in September 2016 the Collaborative Teaching Suite has been used across many innovative Business School modules – including final year Undergraduate module Innovation: Thinking and Practice in which students tackle five industry-based innovation challenges. You can read more about the module in a blog post by Royal Academy of Engineering sponsored Visiting Professor Tony Morgan who co-developed the module with Dr Lena Jasperson from Leeds University Business School.

The Collaborative Teaching Suite has also been used to host a Global Classroom exercise led by Dr Emilee Simmons, in which students collaborate in transatlantic groups with Drexel University students in America in an online real-time simulation, punctuated by lecture content being delivered to all students from Drexel University’s learning labs.

Special Events in the Collaborative Teaching Suite

The Collaborative Teaching Suite also lends itself to high-profile speaker and workshop events.

In September 2018 the University and Microsoft held a three-day bootcamp event in the room, and it has been used for events as part of the Leeds Digital Festival programme. University-based research groups have also used the room for workshops and focus groups.

Case Studies of the Collaborative Teaching Suite

A case-study on the Collaborative Teaching Suite, produced by Top-Tec, is available to download and read – this contains some background on the pedagogical theory behind the space, as well as practical information on some of the hardware in the room itself.

Guidance on using the Collaborative Teaching Suite

The Instructor Guide to using the Collaborative Teaching Suite is a comprehensive document that provides detailed insight into all aspects of using the space. It has been produced by the Enhancement and Innovation team for the benefit of all users of the room.

Download the Instructor Guide (opens in a new tab)

Finding Charles Thackrah

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Charles Thackrah

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Booking the Collaborative Teaching Suite

The primary function of the Collaborative Teaching Suite is for timetabled teaching activities at Leeds University Business School. The rooms are School-owned, and bookings can only be made for Business School modules by the Business School’s Timetabling team. However, if a collaborative teaching room is free it may be used for non-teaching activities; such as external engagement, research group meetings or focus groups.

For more information on how to book the Collaborative Teaching Suite please refer to our page on how to book a collaborative teaching room.