Booking a Collaborative Teaching Room

The primary function of our collaborative teaching rooms is for timetabled teaching activities at Leeds University Business School. The rooms are School-owned, and bookings can only be made for Business School modules by the Business School’s Timetabling team. However, if a collaborative teaching room is free it may be used for non-teaching activities; such as external engagement, research group meetings or focus groups.

If you are interested in booking one of these rooms for either purpose please carefully read the information below – as this will help determine which steps to follow:

Timetabled Teaching Activities

Being timetabled in the collaborative teaching rooms means that you will be expected to utilise the unique functionality of the room you wish to use, and you will be expected to attend a short induction activity organised and run by a member of the Enhancement and Innovation team.

To enquire about moving your timetabled activities to a collaborative teaching room, first contact the Business School’s Timetabling team, providing them with information about your module.

We can provide support to re-design learning activities and materials to suit the room – if you would like to begin a conversation with a team member please contact us.

Non-Teaching Activities

If you would like to host an event in one of the Business School’s collaborative teaching rooms, you must follow these steps:

Check Availability: Check that the room is available on the University Website using – select “Charles Thackrah” as the building from the first drop-down menu, then select the room(s) you would like to check the availability of along with any specific dates.

Expressing Interest: If the room is available please contact Tamsin Barrow (Facilities Manager) by email providing the following information:

  • The date of your proposed event
  • The beginning and end times of your proposed event, along with any lead-time required for preparation of the room(s)
  • The title of your proposed event
  • Brief information about the nature of your proposed event, including the details of any speakers
  • Information about how many attendees you expect to have at your proposed event
  • Whether you will be organising catering at your proposed event

Please may we remind you that priority is given in these rooms for student education related activities.