Thank you to all who attended our conference on Friday 13th September. Below is the sketch note created by our colleague Frances Noble, capturing the highlights of James Clay’s keynote speech about Education 4.0.

sketch note from keynote speech

Lecture recordings and presentation slides are available on the session information page.

The below has been issued by the Learning Technologies Team at the University of Leeds:

On Wednesday 14th February Learning Technologies Team will be making some changes to Announcements in Minerva. Colleagues may have noticed that there are ordering issues when accessing announcements via the link on the Minerva home tab. This is partly because there are thousands of announcements without an end date in Minerva, some going back as far as 2008. To improve the user experience we will be making the following changes to announcements in modules and organisations that don’t currently have an end date. Any announcements that already have an end date will be unaffected

Read more at: